Author: Kayla Thorpe

Tutorial: Granting Access to a Staff Member

Do you need to grant access to a paralegal or legal secretary to your PartUs cases? Check out this short tutorial on how to add a staff member: (Note: This person will have access to ALL of your cases, so you’ll want to make sure to add only trusted members of your firm)

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Law Students Put Theory in to Practice with PartUs

Students from the University of North Dakota School of Law recently had the opportunity to utilize PartUs for purposes of negotiating a mock-divorce case, and walked away praising its user-friendly format. Attorney Ariana D. Meyers, the professor for the class, shared a few highlights from observing the experience the students had with PartUs. “The students […]

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New in PartUs: Reorder Assets & Debts

When you’re juggling a large amount of assets and debts for a client, it can be tricky to keep the focus on the highest priority items. Recently, we added our most asked for feature which allows a user to reorder and reprioritize items on the asset and debt worksheet. Changing the order is simple to […]

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