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Bringing Order to Chaos

Most legal practices function with a haphazard combination of spreadsheets and associated supporting documents spread over email, printed copies, or file shares.  PartUs brings all this data together into an organized, shareable form.


Tired of all those Excel spreadsheets?  PartUs enables creation of common family law worksheets like property splits in a fraction of the time.  You can even invite accountants or other professionals to help create or review the worksheets, all in one central location.


Overwhelmed with boxes of printed statements to support asset valuations?  PartUs lets you electronically attach documents directly to line items of a worksheet. Better yet, invite the client and let them attach the documents for you!

Opposing Attorney Transfer

Ready to send over case information to opposing counsel?  Share whatever information you want with one single click.  The opposing attorney will get access to the worksheet, along with a tidy, organized list of the supporting documents to download.

Mediate \ Negotiate

PartUs replaces disorganized and insecure email negotiations with a modern electronic process.  Opposing parties can securely exchange settlement offers with a complete audit trail. Easily include a neutral party on any PartUs negotiation.

How It Works

When it comes to divorce, the ability to streamline the process saves clients, attorneys, and court systems time and resources.

Attorney adds a new case, which includes an Asset and Debt worksheet, along with a Monthly Budget worksheet.
Attorney can optionally share the worksheet with their client to enter and/or review financial information.  Each sharing invitation can be set for ‘read only’ or ‘can update’.
When satisfied that the data is complete and correct, the attorney can share the Asset & Debt worksheet or Monthly Budget with the opposing attorney.
Opposing attorney can then review the proposal, and optionally copy and edit the values.

When ready, the opposing attorney can send back the modified values to the original attorney as a counter-proposal.


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Introduction Video

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At PartUs, we take pride in our ability to differentiate ourselves from other divorce software solutions.

Cloud Based Solution

Legacy software solutions require law firms to maintain their own server and make updates on a regular basis. PartUs is a cloud based solution with no software to install.  Just use your favorite web browser from any computer, tablet or phone.

360 Collaboration

We allow attorneys, their staff, and clients to enter case data in a fully collaborative solution.  You can even invite specialized professionals like accountants to collaborate on a case.

Collaboration Features

Security You Can Trust

We understand that law firms store extremely sensitive data, and we take security very seriously.  All case data is stored in a level III data center, with leading edge encryption both in transit and at rest.

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