Krista Andrews appears on the TechRanch

Krista Andrews appears on the TechRanch

Krista Andrews, co-founder of PartUs and a leader in the family law space, recently appeared on the TechRanch broadcast to discuss the role that PartUs plays in transforming the divorce process.

Listen to the podcast replay at:   The interview starts at about the ten minute mark into the broadcast.

Admit it. Every time you hear the word “divorce” you automatically think of the Tammy Wynettte song and start singing those twanging heart-wrenching lyrics. Even if the lyrics roll off your tongue, the subject is often a stressful and nerve racking time for people. Lawyers, litigation, paperwork, phone calls. Keeping track of every piece of information is overwhelming. However, like every thing in the 21st Century, there is a new way for clients of divorce to see what’s going on and possibly save some money by doing some of the paperwork themselves. How? Through the use of an app. Divorce–there is now an app for that too.


Krista Andrews is co-founder of a company called PartUs whose goal is to revolutionize the way divorce is handled. Krista is a 20 year veteran in family law. Through her experiences, she noticed a pattern of similarities between her clients. Many questions and concerns centered around the divorce process. Clients also wondered how they could save money while going through a divorce. With these ideas in mind, along with many more, Krista teamed up with 20-year veteran software developer Tim Brookins to create an app to help alleviate some of the stress of divorce by allowing the clients to participate and do some of the work themselves. Krista agrees this process is a bit unconventional and some attorneys might struggle with not being in total control. However, Krista feels it’s a good way for the attorney/client relationship to flourish and ease some of the workload for the attorney and their staff. Krista says “the goal of PartUs is to help attorneys streamline the divorce process” by involving the clients more and sharing the information almost immediately.